How To Maintain Your Tow Truck

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Maintaining a vehicle used for towing purposes in excellent shape cannot be done as easy as maintaining a commuter car. If you wish to know how to make a better job at pulling big loads regularly while keeping your trucks in perfect shape, you have reached the right page. Here are a few tips on [...]

Working with a tow truck

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For many professionals, working with trucks and in particular with tow trucks is simply part of their every day routine. Tow trucks are used in many situations, including emergency situations. Generally speaking, tow trucks are used to move large items or broken vehicles, think about car accidents where it’s necessary to remove all vehicles from [...]

Officials Warn Towers: Be on the lookout for stranded motorists wanting something-for-nothing this winter

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The National Council on Towing Parity[i] is asking towers to be aware of assisting stranded motorists who insist on beating them down on price during this year’s winter storms. The agency says it’s normal for motorists who don’t plan ahead for these types of emergencies to complain about…even the lowest of charges.  As the snow [...]

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