For many professionals, working with trucks and in particular with tow trucks is simply part of their every day routine. Tow trucks are used in many situations, including emergency situations.

Generally speaking, tow trucks are used to move large items or broken vehicles, think about car accidents where it’s necessary to remove all vehicles from the street.

Tow trucks are the most used and effective vehicles to move vehicles to repair to the nearest repair shop or other location.

Features of tow trucks        

As said above, tow trucks are often involved in rescuing and emergency situations. Car accidents are probably the most common emergency situations when you can happen to notice a tow truck.

Normally, tow trucks are equipped in order to work in all safety and in order to meet all most usual and general needs during the job.

The most common equipment for tow trucks include:

Booms – helpful for recovering vehicles, they can be fixed or heavy pivoting.

Hook and chain – also called belt lift. Chains are used to draw vehicles and tow them. Hooks are rarely used today.

Wheel lift – this is a development of the previous tools and consists of a large metal yoke to be fitted under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to draw this on the tow truck’s boom.

Emergency: how to behave

For most people, emergencies are the worst situations to handle. In most cases, people involved in a car accident or other kind of emergency get literally crazy, begin to scream or to cry loud and the situation might easily slip out and get worse than it is.

First off, the first thing to do is to make sure that all persons involved are safe, call a local ambulance and a doctor to help them. Vehicles or home furniture / devices have to be removed by expert technicians.

At this point, you can call a few emergency numbers including firemen, locksmiths and the police.

Quick help from Authorized Locksmiths

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Competence and skills

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