Who Needs These Troubles?

This was me, many, many times.


Eight new injectors in unit 2…

Unit 5 needs a fan clutch and my day was just getting started.

At lunch time I find out unit 10 needs an AC compressor

Then a damaged wheel on a Mercedes-OOUCH!!! Not that again!!!

What else could go wrong?


Everything, especially when I wasn’t bringing in enough money to pay for it all.



Been there? Yeah I bet you have.  Probably still there now right?

Yeah, I thought so…    (Times are tough)


But before you decide to chuck it all and start mowing lawns for a living you need to take a look at  this. 

How are you attracting customers?

Are you sincerely focusing on what your customer is looking for?

Like I said before- It seems like all they care about is price right?  It’s not!

It’s one of the hardest things to wrap your head around.

Your towing business is what your customers define it as

When I began to understand that it was my job to give them something else to care about besides price I was able to start to-

Grow my business more than I thought was possible

and regularly do business with people I like.

You can too…

When you take the time to implement this strategy you’ll be able to

  • Build long lasting relationships with people who trust you
  • You’ll look forward to going into the office every day
  • You can tell abusive motor clubs no- How do you think that will feel?
  • Have a steady stream of income all year long
  • Build your bank account again

And…Take money home

Wouldn’t that be nice?  After all the employees get paid and the fuel bill gets paid and the trucks get fixed and the mortgage gets paid you still get to take money home.

Breathing room…

I know I sure needed some.


But How??…Establish your business as The authority


The way to get all this is…

To become THE trusted choice

Customers gotta know your only reason for existing is to take care of them when they need a tow truck.

If they think you’re the same kinda towing company they see on TV with all the screaming and hollering that goes on when “Lizard Lick Towing” repo’s another car then you need to set ’em straight.  You’ve gotta distance yourself from those guys and let the customer know that stuff’s just Hollywood smoke and mirrors.


To get them to trust you…Barriers must be brought down


You know what they want but what problems are they hoping to avoid while getting it? Ask yourself these questions:

-What exactly are they looking for when they need a tow?

-Are they only looking for the lowest price because there’s nothing else that sets you apart from your competitors?

-Is there something else that would make price a secondary concern?


Consider your own habits

Are there some stores you prefer to shop at over others and that has nothing to do with price?


-Maybe you buy furniture at Target because you don’t want to be followed by the furniture salesman who haunts you three steps back.

-Or maybe you prefer to buy 4×4’s at the newest hardware store instead of your local lumber yard because of how they load your truck.


Customers make decisions based on convenience first and price second

Your job is to make it more convenient to call you rather than

  • The cousin with a trailer
  • The friend with a tow rope
  • The mobile mechanic
  • Or just waiting and doing nothing at all


The little things matter, find out what matters to your customers and do it.


When you acknowledge the challenges that exist in our industry and can see those challenges through the eyes of your customer you can use that to attract them in a way that puts you in the position of trusted friend instead of just another towing company.