Related to the day to day business of operating a towing business including but not limited to: Employees, Motor Clubs, Billing, Truck Repairs, Facilities, Vendor Relations, Law Enforcement, Legislation, Consensual and Non-Consensual towing and Repossesions.

April 2016

How To Get More Cash Calls

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https://youtu.be/emYdhEzxjqs To say that there are challenges in the towing business is an understatement. Since I announced that I’m available for coaching and consulting, I’ve been covered-up with requests for help. Some inquiries are from those wide-eyed individuals who don’t yet know about the challenges that exist in our industry…They’re looking for a way [...]

June 2014

January 2014

How Long Are They Willing To Wait For Their Motor Club? A Tow Truck Driver’s Perspective

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Raul watched as Jacqueline placed the cloth over her eyes and tied it securely in the back.  Everyone else, in the surrounding cubicles, was busy; they were all frantically talking, having already taken their turns. Raul placed his hands on Jaqueline’s shoulders and asked, “You ready?” With a nod and a muffled “m-hm” Jaqueline confirmed [...]

May 2013

Learning the Ropes- Ways to Make it in the Towing Business

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Do: Start Your Own Business Don't: Let Your Fear Stop You So you're interested in starting your own towing business? No?  Just getting a job as a tow truck driver?  But I thought...?  Anyway. What way you choose to get in this business depends entirely on your ability to deal with adversity.  What do I mean?  I'm [...]

September 2012

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