How Long Are They Willing To Wait For Their Motor Club? A Tow Truck Driver’s Perspective

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Raul watched as Jacqueline placed the cloth over her eyes and tied it securely in the back.  Everyone else, in the surrounding cubicles, was busy; they were all frantically talking, having already taken their turns. Raul placed his hands on Jaqueline’s shoulders and asked, “You ready?” With a nod and a muffled “m-hm” Jaqueline confirmed [...]

Sniper Training For Towers

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Do you believe you charge too much for your services? In the Vietnam War the average US soldier expended 50,000 rounds of ammo to kill one enemy soldier whereas a trained sniper could get the job done using, on average, 1.3 rounds.  That’s like putting a guy with an F150…hooking his yellow, nylon, Wal-Mart tow [...]

A Diversified Approach To Staying In Business

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I recently read an article about a tow company suing a large motor club over their soured relationship. The tow company, who lost the account and subsequently went out of business, claims it was unjustly branded a low-performing provider by inaccurate customer satisfaction data. The motor club's position is they were forced to replace an [...]

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