If you’re here I’m going to assume you’re in the towing business or at least interested in learning more about it.  I started towtruckbiz.com with the idea of getting, much sought after information into the hands of people just like you.  My goal is to tell the truth about every aspect of the towing busgladiatorial-games-300x211iness, the good, the bad and the really freaking ugly.

You see…Here…not only will you get– What to do to build positive relationships with your customers and ways to grow your business…You’ll also learn how to avoid the really shitty parts as well.

Now…If I were in your shoes I’d be asking a few questions like: Why should I listen to you?  And– What do you want from me?

To the first question as to why you should listen.  I don’t have a horse in the race and really don’t care if you listen but if you’re asking why I think you should listen…The answer is because it’s for your own good.

Why is it for your own good?  Good question.

I’d like you to think about all the information available for the towing industry today.  Not much right?

But think about what is available– Everything in print, Anything you can Google, Pull up on YouTube, Or any other source that’s out there.

You thinking about it?


What you’re getting from most of those sources, that’s of any substance at all…not just shit off e-how…is bought and paid for by the powers that be.  The same folks who’ve exploited towers for the last 3 or 4 decades.  Now exploit, to some, may be a harsh word, I understand. So to soften it up a bit for those with delicate sensibilities I’ll scale it back a bit and say: When wading through the information (or lack there of) you get…from those sources…the subject matter you find may not be as objective as it should because there are many in that end of the pool who have a stake in keeping you uninformed.