5 Mistakes to Avoid When Calling for a Tow Truck

Choosing The Right Towing Company

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You don’t need to be an automotive expert to make an informed decision when your car wont start, you simply need to know what to do.

Not all towing companies are created equal.  Some will tell you that they’re the best with the best service and the best rates. They’ll claim to have the cleanest trucks and friendly drivers with hype about their experience and reliability but what they don’t have is Your best interest in mind. Recovery5


They use somewhat predatory practices that rely on your uneasy state of mind when facing an unexpected breakdown.

They know that you’re so busy trying to figure out:

  • How you’re going to get home

  • What’s wrong with your car

  • Where to take it for repairs

  • And how you’re going to pay for those repairs

That when it comes to calling for a tow truck the only

thing you’ll care about is


But in most instances the low price ad that attracted you to them ends up costing you more than expected.

 The last thing you need when you’re at your most vulnerable is a towing company that promises one thing and delivers another. But Now you’re stuck sitting thigh to thigh between the tow truck driver and his sweaty assistant in a grubby 1990’s model tow truck without air conditioning .  The rate they’ll charge you is twice what you expected because of “unforeseen problems” that couldn’t be diagnosed over the phone.  But you’ll pay it because they won’t release your car unless you do.

What’s worse is the fact that

They know once you’ve made the call there’s no turning back.

They know that no matter who shows up you’ll be thankful that someone, anyone’s there to help. 

Roadside2You’ll be so relieved that you won’t question their condescending tone or the careless manner in which they care for your car.  But you should expect more.

Frustrated you’ll vow never to be taken advantage of again.

But it’s not your fault.

You made your decision based on the assumption that this towing company had your best interest in mind.

You assumed that they had some sort of a stake in the community and a desire to develop relationships based on trust with their customers.

Unfortunately that’s not the case with some towing companies and that’s why we’ve developed this report, to help you make an informed decision. 

The next time you have a breakdown or an accident you won’t have to be an expert but you will know what to do so that you don’t become a victim.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Calling A Tow Truck

  • Mistake #1: Choosing a tow truck based on the lowest price.

Doing this can cost you more in the long run.

This is evident in many ways.  First is the bait and switch method where a towing company will tell you one price but after they arrive and hook your car up they start adding other fees like charging you for miles to the scene, services they didn’t provide or charges for special equipment.  Maybe they’ll stand by their original rates but take 3 hours to get to your car making you wait.  Or showing up with the wrong equipment requiring added trips back to their shop wasting your time.  Then there’s the chance that they cause damage to your car.  If this happens and they refuse to pay and they aren’t carrying the proper insurance then it’s not such a great deal after all.


  • Mistake # 2: Calling a towing company that doesn’t properly train its tow truck operators.

Did you know that the State of Missouri does not require tow truck operators to be trained?

That’s right, the guy who you call to tow your car is not required to be trained. That means that towing companies who operate on a shoe-string, those who carry no insurance and refuse to pay a reasonable wage to their employees most likely cut corners when it comes to training as well.  Today may be the first day for the tow truck driver you call.


  • Mistake # 3: Choosing a towing company that doesn’t have insurance.

Did you know that if the towing company you choose isn’t properly insured and they cause damage to someone else’s property while towing your car you may be sued for damages?

It’s crazy I know. But if the individual whose vehicle sustained the damage can’t go after the towing company that caused the damage they’re going to go after the next closest party involved the person who hired the towing company.


  • Mistake #4: Assuming that all the 1-800 towing companies have your best interest in mind.

Most Insurance companies who provide “free towing” hire the cheapest towing company they can Roadside5find.  Companies who do all they can to avoid additional expenses like running criminal background checks on their employees.

This means that when you call that 800 number provided by your wireless phone provider or your auto insurance carrier the tow truck operator they send out could be a violent felon, have alcohol related driving offenses or even be a sex offender.


  • Mistake #5: Allowing an insurance company to tell you who’s going to tow your car.

When your car needs tires you choose the brand and where you buy them.  When there’s a flood in your home and your carpet needs replaced you decide what kind is installed.  So it follows that when you have a breakdown or are involved in an accident you decide who tows your car?  It’s your car, you’re the customer, and you pay the premiums. You decide.

The insurance company will try to tell you that you must use the company they prefer but no matter which company you choose, if you have towing coverage, they will cover the charges.

Brought to you by Broadway Wrecker

But how do you find a towing company that:Icon - Question Mark

        • Shoots straight on price

          • Has trained drivers

            • Is properly insured


                • Performs criminal background checks on every employee?

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