Don’t Start A Towing Business Until You Know How Much Money You Can Make


So you’re ready to do it.  You’re ready to make a change in your life and start your own towing business.  Good for you, being in business for yourself is the only way to go.  You’ll have more freedom, more fun and the ability to grow something from the ground up.

It’s not an easy decision,  breaking free, and you certainly don’t feel like you’ve got the world by the balls when you first do it.  I remember the pain in my stomach the day I decided to make a change in my life. Three kids and a wife and now I decide to do my own thing?  Essentially I was unemployed and didn’t have a clue how to get business.

So wait; Way before you buy a truck and invest in equipment, training and advertising…Way before you pick out a catchy name…Before you make it all legal and righteous by the powers that be… And certainly way before you quit your job- You need to know if it’s worth your time. You need to know what the payoff’s going to be.

So let’s begin with the possibilities. You’ve made the decision to go into business for yourself but if you don’t know what you’re gonna get out of it you’ll never be motivated to move forward.

Here’s a list of the different revenue sources and rates others have charged.  These rates are not representative of any area in-particular and should only be used as a guideline, a place to begin. Your situation and the rates you charge will be determined by your costs, expected rate of return and competition in your area.

    Towing for individuals $40 to $75 hook & $3 per mile
    Towing for Repair Shops $40 to $75 hook & $3 per mile
    Abandoned vehicle towing PD Varies
    Accident rotation PD Varies
    Towing for Motor Clubs $30 to $50 hook & mileage
    Other Services- Motor Clubs $30 to $50 hook & mileage
    Towing for Trucking Companies Varies with services
    Unlocks $30 to $50 plus mileage
    Jump Starts $30 to $50 plus mileage
    Tire Changes $30 to $50 plus mileage
    Fuel Delivery $30 to $50 plus mileage
    Battery Sales $30 to $50 & Battery
    Winching $50 & up Varies
    Private Party Towing Dependent Mandated Rates
    Repo work $200 and up
    Business Accounts Varies
    Equipment Hauling Varies- requires rollback or trailer
    Scrap Hauling Dependent upon price-per-ton


Now that you’ve got an idea of services and rates, you should be able to do the math and figure out how much money you could bring in on a daily and monthly basis.

Example: Assuming one guy with one truck – Also assuming an average call brings in $50 and you do 10 calls per day – That’s $500 in sales daily.  (some days will be less some will be more and there’s no guarantee that you’ll make a sale on any given day) If you can do that for an entire month- 22 work days (weekends off) then you’re looking at $11,000 per month in sales.

But don’t stop there…now that you have an idea of the possibilities you need to determine what the costs of doing business are.  The average costs for a one-truck operation that you can run out of your home is…


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